Initial Capital Letters

Names of windows, and dialog boxes. For example, This field is in the Start Menu Group dialog box.


The name of an on screen button.


The name of a keyboard key.

Courier Text

Text you are asked to enter system commands, and system files. For example, Use directory C:\ProgramFiles\Belding\EngTrend.


Key combinations for which you must press and hold down one key and then press another. For example, [ALT+4].

Italic Text

References to other documents, trademarks, and for emphasis.

Italic Bold Text

Sections and chapters that are referenced. For example, See Chapter 1, Introduction, for an outline of the information in this book.

Click and Double click

Whenever you are asked to click or double click the mouse button, click button 1 (the left most mouse button or primary button), unless button 2 (the right-most button or secondary button) is specified.

A mouse action.

A keyboard action.